Frequently Asked Questions

If, after you have read these Frequently Asked Questions and other parts of our website, you have questions unanswered, please write to us via the Contact Form. We reply prompty to all inquiries. Our replies are not automated responses, but us real people reading your message and replying personally to it!

To join WWOOF Japan you must do 3 things:
Complete the online membership application
Send payment for membership
Send us an e-mail by Contact Form as to how you paid so we can identify your payment

How much money will I need to spend while WWOOFing?
How to pay for membership? How much is it?
How to pay for membership by credit card (or how to use the PayPal system to pay by credit card for
Hours of help a day
Women WWOOFers
Do hosts accept non Japanese people and / or non Japanese speaking people?
Does WWOOF Japan or hosts pay my airfare?
How much time do I need to arrange to go WWOOFing?
What if there is a communication problem between me and the host?
What will I get if I join WWOOF Japan?
Japanese immigration
How many hours a day do WWOOFers have to help the host? And do hosts have a day off?
What does 'Invalid Security Code' mean?
How long can each WWOOFer stay at each host?
Is it possible that I won't be able to find a host to accept me?
The kind of place I want is ....
Will hosts accept two or more WWOOFers at one time?
Visas info again
General info
Email problems contacting us?
Couples or friends WWOOFing together
Where are hosts situated?
Children? Age limit? Families together?
The veneer of tourism & your daily grind
What kinds of places are your hosts?
Is accommodation private?
Do hosts pay money?
Is it safe to drink the water in Japan?
How long until I get my membership?
CHEATING (wwoofing without a membership)
Does Japan Membership allow me to WWOOF in other countries too?
Marijuana is an illegal substance in Japan
Tell your family where you are going and update them as you move
How to make arrangements to go to a host?
Health matters
Notes about WWOOFing, about WWOOFers and about Hosts (A Code Of Conduct for Hosts and WWOOFers)
Are hosts monitored?
Do hosts accept WWOOFers during winter?
Has the Host seen the message I sent them?
You must NOT go to a Host without an appropriately completed WWOOFer Permit
Advance payment to extend your membership
Can I come to the WWOOF office in Sapporo and join as a WWOOFer?
Join & get full membership details now
Take care NOT to pay DOUBLE by accident when paying by credit card or PayPal; We do NOT give refunds
WWOOFer Permit
Bank fees to send money
How do I get to a host's place?
Your WWOOFer Permit - photo, signature, showing Hosts, etc
Please take WWOOF rules seriously.
Printing WWOOFer Permit problems?
What about safety among other WWOOFers?
How do I join
Do you have hosts in the cities?
Caution when sending payment from your bank to our bank!
Host Codes have changed
Tell us how you've paid for your membership
Fees to process 'underpayments'
How long will it take to receive my membership after I join?
Can I join WWOOF in other countries through you at WWOOF Japan?
A printed verson of our list of Hosts?
"oops, member login required", even though you are a member AND you are logged in?
Can I telephone someone at WWOOF Japan?
Are all your hosts actively accepting WWOOFers?
Organic; taking as much as possible into account
How many hosts do you have?
(old) Membership Card? ..., (NEW) WWOOFer Permit?
Membership fee for children
Turning off or holding up a WWOOFer's membership
If you lose your WWOOFer Permit
To media inquiries
No refunds
No Receipts
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