Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a means for friendship
between people, Host and WWOOFers

There are primarily 9 points:

1. Helping Japanese organic farmers
It takes much time and effort to maintain organic farms.  WWOOF is a means to facilitate organic farmers garnishing help from people, and to getting knowledge and experience from around the world.

2. Making a better society
Human beings need the feeling of belonging.  
Many farming societies have become marginalized.  Having WWOOFers visit from around the world makes can help to rejuvenate farming regions.

3. Realizing the importance of food
Learning how to grow crops, how to look after animals, how to make good soils, etc., so that we can know how important food is to quality of life.

4. Aiming for sustainable lifestyles
To education people about the nature, and the worth of quality locally grown and prepared food. To lead lives of thinking people. To eat and live organically!

5. Bridging the city & country
A bridge for city people and country people to meet and exchange.

6. Bridging Japanese culture & the cultures of other countries
Allowing people to experience Japanese culture at a grass roots level.

7. Rediscovering Japan
Not only relatively superficial tourist spots, but fascinating places in rural area.

8. A stepping stone
A stepping stone for people who want to leave Japanese mainstream city life, to move to the country and be involved in organic food production.  

9. Promoting other WWOOF groups, memberships to other WWOOF groups, and turning Japanese people onto WWOOFing
We offer Handbooks for WWOOF Australia, and WWOOF NZ, delivered usually in 4,5 working days to any address in Japan.
A primary focus domestically is introducing Japanese people to WWOOF who might have otherwise joined a tourist group in order to do the travel and learning they want to do. Our optional support service for Japanese WWOOFers going overseas (Kaigai Support) is one such effort. While experienced WWOOFers might be attracted to WWOOF because of its inexpensive, do-it-yourself nature, we find that many Japanese people who ask us to support them with our Kaigai Support, simply would not have gone WWOOFing in the first place if they had had to do it all themselves. In this way, we are converting people to WWOOF, and this is a big part of our mission.

We won an award called “All Right Nippon”

In 2018, WWOOF Japan received an award from The Organization for Urban-Rural Interchange Revitalization, The competition and the award associated is called “All Right Nippon”. (Nippon means ‘Japan' in Japanese.)  We are happy to have our WWOOF Japan endeavor congratulated as a valuable new style of green tourism in Japan.

WWOOF Japan is an LLP legally registered entity.

WWOOF Japan  Honcho 2-jo, 3-chome 6-7, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, 065-0042  JAPAN
E-mail: Contact Form   Fax number from within Japan: (03) 4496-6370    Fax number from outside Japan: +81 3 4496-6370

WWOOF Japan LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)