Welcome to WWOOF Japan!

Welcome to WWoof Japan
WWOOF Japan LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership.

Hundreds of Hosts situated all over Japan, a rich diversity of travel and adventure!!
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WWOOF is an exchange between friends:

                        Hosts and WWOOFers.

  Hosts give WWOOFers accommodation and meals, in return for the WWOOFer helping the Host with what the Host does at his or her place.
 The nature of the support you give will be various, depending on the Host. For example, weeding, seeding, harvesting, watering, chopping wood, feeding animals, shipping vegetables, processing food, cleaning, washing the dishes, helping children's study, building houses, painting, computer support, taking dogs for a walk, shovelling snow, helping at event, making handicrafts, etc.  Hosts also give WWOOFers various knowledge and experience relating to these and other activities as result living with and helping them. Also, Hosts will introduce WWOOFers to the beauty of their local area. This and more is outlined in the Hosts' Preview.
 There is no payment of money between Host and WWOOFer. WWOOFers need to pay just the yearly WWOOF membership fee, 5,500 yen. WWOOFing starts from sending an online Application form. 

  WWOOF Japan members can get below the veneer of tourism and away from their daily grind, have genuine and meaningful experiences with people, society and culture, in all kinds of walks of life, in hundreds of locations all over Japan. Eat and think organically!

  Hundreds of Hosts, adding new hosts weekly, representing a rich diversity of adventure, for example:  organic farming, health and healing centers, pottery and arts, building and restoring traditional homesteads, organic restaurants, martial arts, dealing with animals, Japanese tea house, pension in ski fields area, eco village, brewing and production of foods, fishing, bee keeping, nature guide centre, centers for the environment, sea kayaking, and more.

Good News for WWOOFers!
New extra discount membership fee has started!
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These discounts will NOT be available after your membership has expired, extend your membership right away to lock in the savings.

Re COVID-19, some hosts are accepting WWOOFers as usual after checking how the WWOOFers have spent their days recently. Some hosts may take measures of physical distancing with WWOOFers for a period. There are some hosts who are not hosting WWOOFers for a while. After becoming a WWOOFer, please ask hosts directly, explaining your situation.

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Join the fun and the learning! You should find all the information you need on this site, but if you have further inquiries, please contact us by online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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『旅とオーガニックと幸せと — WWOOF農家とウーファーたち』

"Journey, organic life and happiness --- WWOOF farmers & WWOOFers"
(Written in Japanese)
ISBN 978-4-86187-136-8

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